“Only those whose freedom is taken away have yet managed a collective response to the restrictions imposed by the state for the coronavirus.”

For Those With Fiery Hearts

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[This text was written collectively by the anarchists arrested in Trentino, Italy in Operation Renata in October 2019. The verdict in their case is likely to come down on December 5, 2019. This translation is from the source texts on Round Robin and draws on the French translation on Attaque. There are two appendices from those same sources providing additional context.]

[This text is laid out as a pamphlet for printing and distributing]


Anarchists don’t aspire to success, to victory, to competition. They struggle because it is right to do so. And, in each struggle, defeat is a part of life. They don’t abandon their ideas because they lose or give up on the struggles to come. The System can perpetuate itself because the people don’t struggle, not because it is invincible. The task of the anarchist is to breathe revolt into the people, not sporadically but continually. Like a wave that rolls in and rolls out. You ask me if we’ll win? This is the wrong question. Ask me instead if we struggle, and I will answer yes.”

Luigi Galleani

Today, we have decided to speak up about the repressive operation dubbed “Renata” [See Appendix 1]. Other texts have analyzed the investigation in terms of both the state’s overall repressive character and of the technological, investigative, and judicial tools used to strike against those who still dare to fight for something different, who still fly on wings of freedom.

We have decided to address ourselves not to the judges nor to zealous agents of repression. No, it’s not in the courtroom that we have decided to speak today. We want to speak in spaces of struggle, where there are still critical minds, wherever people are aware of how much needs to change immediately, that this state of affairs needs a revolution.

We will speak then of the facts presented in court and of which we are accused.

These actions – by night or by day, individual or collective – take place within a conflict that goes far beyond the specific acts or the territory in which they took place. They are the product of a much broader conflict between the exploited and the exploiters and their defenders. Read the rest of this entry »